Who We Are

Air Water India Private Limited (AWIPL) History

Air Water India Private Limited (AWIPL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Air Water Inc, Japan. The Air Water Group is a multifaceted organization headquartered in Osaka, Japan with diversified business interest in industrial gases, sea minerals, medical, chemical, agricultural products and the like.

In 2019, Air Water Inc acquired the Praxair India Private Limited’s East Region Divestment Business through its subsidiary Air Water India Private Limited (AWIPL). This was followed soon with yet another successful acquisition of Linde India Limited’s South Region Divestment Business thereby establishing Air Water India as one of the core organizations in the Industrial Gas space.

At Air Water India we are engaged in the manufacturing, storing, distributing, transporting, trading, selling, purchasing and leasing of various gases like oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium. We own and operate two large air separation units coupled with multiple filling stations across the eastern and southern parts of India.

Air Water India is committed to partner in the growth and development of the country by consistently delivering quality solutions and services to all its customers.

Air Water Inc. History