Management philosophy is a concept that serves as the basis of action policy for all the businesses of the Air Water Group.
The origins of the AIR Water Group’s business can be found in its name, which consists of two words: “air” and “water.” We make use of the resources of our precious earth to create businesses and contribute to society and everyday life.

Amid a business environment that continues to change at a dizzying pace, we will continue to leverage the Group’s collective capacities to tackle problems faced by our customers and society, and will rise to the challenge of creating new value.

Vision and Mission

Create synergies through multiplication

Use diversity in business, technology and human resources as tools to face social issues and maximize corporate value

Global Environment and Wellness

Create a recycling-oriented society through the co-existence of the Earth and Society

From partial optimization to total optimization

Demonstrate the true value of group management based on rodent dynamics